Filter terms that were tagged by two taggers


how is it possible to filter the terms that were tagged by two taggers? 

I know that, "If two named entity recognizers are applied one after the other, the latter will overwrite the tagging of the former in case of conflicts" (source: 

To understand my case: I did a Sentiment Analysis and used one dictionary tagger for positive and one for negative words (in this order). Now, some words get this result in the term column


Becaus I uses the dictionary tagger with the negative dictionary last, this term is tagged as negative. Now I want to take an extra look at terms that were tagged twice.

Does somebody has a clue?

Thanks a lot 



You can use two General Tag Set Filter nodes in a row for this. First filter all positive words and then all negative words. Don't forget to check the "ignore unmodifiability" box to filter also tagged and thus unmodifiable words.

Cheers, Kilian

Hi Kilian, 

thanks for the help! This really has helped :)