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is there a simple way to filter the whole table by value? I mean, just keep the columns and rows where a wildcard match is true. If I firstly keep the columns and then run a ruled-based filter row, it’s ok, but is there a way to filter all the columns that have some cells that fulfil the condition? (in my case, LIKE “-R”)

Hello @jquadrada
A simple solution is to use a standard ‘Row Filter’ node:

But how I filter all the columns at once? I mean, if I filter one column, keeping only the values that fulfil the matching criteria, I could miss other values that appear in other columns…

OK, I answer myself:

I concatenate all the values in a new colum and execute row filter on that column :wink:

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Your solution by itself doesn’t accomplish the full statement for the challenge, as you are only filtering rows

just keep the columns and rows […]

I guess a Loop over column condition to identify LOGIC -that filter does return empty-, then remove the TRUE columns…

Use a numpy array in python snippet

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