Filtering data from csv file using SQL query from other csv file

Hi guys,

I am new to knime.
While i was exploring knime i came across a problem.

I have a csv file with my data and a mapping file containing
Details of what needs to be filter as SQL query.

Can i use sql query to filter data in knime.

Appreciate your inputs.

Query will be like

[Name] = ‘john’ AND [Age] = ‘12’ AND [Gender] = ‘Male’

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This is not a very sophisticated query, so why not just build it in KNIME using a chain of "Row Filter" nodes???

In case you need to execute more sophisticated queries in SQL sytax, consider writing your data to a (temporary ... such as H2) database first, then perform your queries. You can do that from within KNIME using existing nodes.

-- P.

Thank you for your response.

However the reason i want to execute this query like filtering is i have more than one query to be used and was thinking to use it in loop.

Also the filtering would not be the same. Based on mapping file it would change.

I was able to manipulate the query as rule in rule based row filter but apparently entire condition cannot be taken through a variable.

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Where you able to figure this out. I am need something similar.

I have posted a query to solve the problem using Table Indexer and Indexing query node under Advanced Query. You can check it out and you may be able to come to solution.