Filtering data that meets a certain condtion

Hi all,

I have another question relating to Knime as I make my transfer from Alteryx to Knime as the syntax on both is quite different.

Essentially I have the Filter I made in Alteryx that filters records where the value in the [EntryDate] column is greater than or equal to (>=) the result of subtracting 29 days from today’s date and I need to recreate it in Knime:

[EntryDate] >= Datetimeadd(DateTimeToday(),-29,‘days’)

However I’m unsure as to what the corresponding syntax is in Knime I’ve tried a few things but have gotten nowhere.

Thanks for any help provided in advance.

I would suggest take a look at column expression node.

There are probably dozens of ways to do this. Try this. Obviously you’ll have to do some adaptation.

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Hi @Deano478

A non-loop variant would be to create today’s date with Create DT Range node and use the Execution date, shift it by -P29D, convert it to a variable and pass this along to a DT-based Row Filter.

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