Filtering out unneeded columns for Database Writer

I wonder if there is a way to configure a Database Writer node to ignore certain columns in the input records that we don't need in the destination database table? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible for us to get rid of those columns at the previous step (they are processed by the Webservice and returned together with the results). Perhaps, some other node type between the Webservice Client and Database Writer could do the trick?

Thank you in advance.

I guess, you are looking for the Column Filter node that you might want to put in-between?

As far as I understand, the DB Column Filter node only allows excluding columns when moving data between two database tables, or this is not the case? It's not a big deal, though, since I simply nullify the values in the column I don't need with a Perl script, but having a dummy column may confuse other users.

The Database Column Filter does only restrict the columns that are selected within the initial SQL statement (Database Connector), that is, the original statement is wrapped for example by SELECT A, B, C FROM (SELECT * FROM table) where only A, B, and C are selected in the Database Column Filter dialog. If you want to check the SQL statement that is being executed, have a look into the dialog tab "Connection". Hope this helps.