Filtering Rows based on Available Products

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I have data with customer that have different products. The same customer can have 10 products for example.

I want to get the date with customer that have product x and product y but do not have product z.

Schould i use rule-based row filter or rule engine node?

I would be very grateful for one solution example.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Loknica07 -

I moved your question to a new topic since it didn’t seem like it belonged as part of a feature request.

Can you upload a small sample of your data for others to work with?

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test.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Thanks a lot. So here i want to see the customer list that have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 but in the same time no IATF.

Hello, does the data set fits or you need more information? Thanks a lot for your support.

Hi @Loknica07,
i recommend first to pivot your data group = customer, pivot=object, aggregation=Nettowert with aggregation e.g. count. Then apply a rule based filter.


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Hi morpheus, thanks a lot. That helps. But the rule is not working. Where is the mistake?

Looks like you split your variable name into multiple rows if everything between the $ symbol is really your variable name

hm thanks but i m not sure that i understand. I would try to write more in detail. I uploaded the data set, test set.
The pivoting hint was great, that was also my first idea to try.

Now i want to make some rules :smiley:

Like in picture, i want to see 1) All customer that have some some conection with the product iatf or iso 14001. (so i think rule >=1)
In this case i would have the customer, x and d.
The next rule 2) would be show me the customer with iatf and 14, but that do not have 9001. In this case that would be customer x.

I hope so much, that could help with this issue, because with rules it doesnot working, or i m maiking some logical mistakes.

Thanks a lot.

@ScottF maybe you have a hint for me?

@Kowalski maybe you have some experience here? :slight_smile:

@Loknica07 - @Daniel_Weikert was referencing what looked like line breaks (in the middle of column names) causing errors in your Rule Engine syntax, but that could have been caused by window sizing… Can you upload a workflow with some dummy data? It would probably only take a few seconds for one of us to adjust your syntax and send it back.

One thing is that if your Column is a number, then don’t use quotes on your tests. ( <= 1 instead of <= “1” )

You can also use this to apply multiple filter rules as well in the mean time to avoid syntax issues.


@iCFO Thank you!!

I dont know how to upload the workflow here :frowning:

@iCFO Thats it. Rule Filter Labs do it!!! Thanks a lot!


For next time. To share a workflow you go to file menu on the top leafy of KNIME software, then select Export KNIME workflow, the point it to where you want the export placed and unselect “Reset Workflow” if you want the data included in the executed export.

When writing a post there is a button with an up arrow that allows you to attach it to a post. You can also place it on your public hub and paste a link to the web url.

Thanks a lot. For the next time. :slight_smile: Have a nice day all!

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