Filtering/Splitting Data table into two based on a row break or attribute

Hi everyone hope everyone is doing well. I’m new to Knime and data analytics in general.

I have attached an image of the workflow and sample excel that I’d be working with. Essentially in the excel sheet there is two separate unrelated tables that are separated by a blank row. I would like to use this blank row to separate the data into two separates tables to further manipulate the data.

I’ve tried by assigning an expression to label the blank row as true but I’m getting a bit stuck after this point. I’m hoping to have a way to filter the data up to the row break then everything after. I’m thinking I can somehow filter til the first true result for the first table then from the next row after the last true to the end.

Any ideas of how I could do this/best way around this.

Hello @zglgo ,

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Did you try Table Splitter – KNIME Community Hub ?

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