Find a variable from one colummn in another column

I want to create a workflow which looks if a variable in one column is existing in another column. I tried the column comparator but it only compares the rows. I need KNIME to search the whole column for the variable. Does somebody have an idea how to solve this?

If did I understand, you want compare the content of two column in the same row.
You can do by a Java Snippet (simple or not) and many ither nodes.
The question is? Wat do you do when you find the “variable”?
Can you post a positive and a negative examples please?

thats the thing. i dont want to only compare the column in the same row. i want to compare one variable from one column to all the rows in another column. Example:

Column 1 Column 2

Variable A Variable D
Variable B Variable E
Variable C Variable A

I know want to create a workflow which compares Column 1 to 2 and tell me if the variable A from column 1 can be found in column 2

Ok. So do you want store the result in another Column as this example?
Column 1 Column 2

Variable A Variable D YES
Variable B Variable E NO
Variable C Variable A NO

Is it correct?

What about an inner join?

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Hi @N_Schweizer

Or something like this: find_avalue_in_an_other_column.knwf (90.7 KB) . It shows if and the frequency a value in column1 occurs in collumn2.
Screenshot from 2020-05-17 13-46-21

gr. Hans


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