Find and extract part of a specific Text

Hello guys, good afternoon.

I have the following situation: In a given column I have the complete address of a person in each row. This address does not have a filling pattern, but the filled states will always exist.

Since the position of states within the text can vary, I need to find and extract this information through a “find”.

I have 27 options from different states, where only one will be filled in the text.

How to do this in KNIME?

Thank you!

It would be helpful if you provide an example of input data. Say, it is not clear if state is NJ or a full name or it could be bot. Also, no pattern means that state could be separated by space, coma, semicolon so on or what?

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That’s right, friend.


  1. The state will be NJ;
  2. Separated by commas;
  3. As the street name or number or neighborhood may or may not be filled in, the status of the state throughout the text varies.


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