Find and Replace multiple sets of texts in all header or multiple header columns

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In my table with about 200 columns, I performed Math to convert milliseconds values to seconds values. Many columns had “savingsMs” in the part of its column header and now I need to find-and-replace “savingsMs” with “savingsSec” in the column headers. I also have to change “savingsBytes” with “savingsKiB” in the column header names. I may add more columns and patterns later.


I tried a few things and looked around and found this - How to change multiple columns elegant?. I’m not sure if this applies to my use case. Is there an efficient way to achieve this task? If I do 2 separate loops, would that be easier?

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I would use Column List Loop with Rule Engine (Dictionary). Or 2 String Manipulation (Multi Column)

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Hi @izaychik63,
hhmm, I seem to be having difficulties laying them out. I’ll keep trying. Thank you so much.

Having hard time understanding how to use Rule Engine (Dictionary) to update part of header name… so Column List Loop Start just selects all rows and cols?? matter what i do?? I have 203 cols and 20 rows coming in and it just outputs that full set…


You need to extract header and insert it back. See examples here.

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