Find Average of row and find the diffrence

Hi Team,

I have stuck in worklfow, please help me.

There are some data in rows, I managed to get average of those value now I need to find the difference with the Average.

Example below.

I need to find Data 1 and Data2. And need to number of rows may differ. Is it possible to build which resolve the issue.



Hello SKK

This is one of many ways to solve your problem


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Hi Frank,

Thank you for the support, however the issue is numbers of rows are almost 48 and it may change. So instead of writing 48 times and updating always. is there any smart way for this?

Thank you


When reading this post it looks to me you mixed up rows (top to bottom) and columns (left to right)… :thinking:
If so then this wf may be of help Find Average difference.knwf (36.9 KB)

gr. Hans

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Hi HansS,

That works really well Thank you so much, and sorry for mixing up Rows and Columns.

Thank You

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