Find Average of Row

Hello Knime Expert!!

I am facing issue to calculate average… in knime please guide me…

For, example I am calculating average inventory for 2019
Avg. Inventory= (Inventory of 2019+ Invemtoy of 2018)/2
= (361.794+571.372)/2
= 466.583
Is it possible to find without using Transpose…

Hi @ravi13,

i think you are looking for the GroupBy node

Just select avg in the aggregation
Or maybe I do not understand your problem correctly?

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Hi @AnotherFraudUser

Let me check, because i have to use the output of average in math…

Hi !! @AnotherFraudUser
Groupby node is not working for me…

Could you give and example of your input and output table?
Just a few rows of dummy data :slight_smile:

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Give me few minutes

Hi!! @AnotherFraudUser

Row id column i am not able to fetch in given excelexcel project.xlsx (5.0 KB) , as i have done transpose.
guide me what shall i take in Group setting ?
even if i don’t take anything in Group setting, it’s working, but how i will join that output with my current input… because i need to apply math formula afterwards

Hi @ravi13,

i this what you want?
workflow_group.knar (17.0 KB)


GroupBy Mean of Inventories:

Then you have your average

Afterwards join it back into the table

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Sorry, but I have already done this , but i am facing issue joining this, because in my original table there are two rows but now after this Groupby, we have only 1 row.

As i have already mention i want to use this answer of average in Math node, along with other column.
if you have some other idea, please guide.

Hi @ravi13,

check out by example.
You can use cross join to get the one column back into your table :+1:

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