Find Error


I have a quite long report in Knime/Birt that shows a lot of “Data To Report” nodes. I’ve changed one name of a column of a table which is in the report and now I get this error:


Errors in Report

  Line 4192: The column binding for the data "report.Body[132].Detail[0].Cells[0].Content[0]" with column name "CountProvLessGrossOnbExp" is not defined.


I Know that I have to replace the table in the Report with the new one from the “Data set view”. But in the data set view I have a lot of Data set that come from different “Data To Report” node.

How can I know, reading the above error, which is the table in the report that I have to replace and that refers to “report.Body[132]” indicated by the error ?

Consider that I have many tables in the report with the same column name ("CountProvLessGrossOnbExp") and therefore this does not help me.

Thank you very much in advance!

I agree that's not easy to debug. I think it would help checking out the XML Source tab and look at the error within the tree structure.