Find missing images file by using the metadata in Kime


I have a metadata of all of my images. This metadata is stored in .csv format which includes a column displaying the path (ex: Top_category/Sub_category/Placekeys/image_id.png). I have downloaded all my images in the same path specified in this column, while some of my images are missed. Is Knime has any nodes that can search inside my folders and tell me which Placekey/image_id.png is misses?
sample.txt (1.5 KB)

To be more clear, it showld read the last column of my file which explains the path to that image, and the output should say if this file exist or not.


Hello @NeginZarbakhsh
Some brainstorming: You can read all your files in folders and subfolders with ‘List Files/Folders’ node. You will get a list with all your files. If too long you can filter .png (but not necessary ?)
Compare your id code from path with the extension (i.e. …“189029866424027.png” ) string from last column in text file -or the full path if it’s accurate-. With your list.

You can compare:

  • by cross-joint and using String Match functions, with or without regex
  • by extracting the ID in both lists and doing a joiner, the ones unpaired are missed in your folders

I hope it is clear.


@NeginZarbakhsh you can list files with this node:

You can then use other nodes to import the images


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