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I am trying to do some data investigation and it would be really helpful to know how many missing values are there in that column, the number of categories if its a categorical value, unique values etc etc. What tool can i use for it?
I have 20 columns and want to know the stats for all at once.

Thank you

Hi @r_jain

Did you see the Statistics node?

Also this might be helpful :slight_smile:



Hi Hans,

Thanks for your response. Yes i saw it has the no of missing values being displayed, but not the other features such as number of unique values etc like how we used to get with the field summary of the data investigation tool in alteryx.
The requirement is to get a published report of such statistics so we can fix the data before we build our workflow as part of our validation testing.

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This is more like what i wanted. Another thing if you can help me with it,
so i want to get these results in a csv or an excel. Since this is a view and not like a table, how can i get it done?
I want the counts for all columns in a excel sheet.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to extract those tables with the Data Explorer node.
If you use the Statistcs Node, however, you can export the calculations in table format.

Maybe we can ask KNIME to add this feature to make it look like the Statistics node.


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