Find the lowest value from a second column for a repeating set in a first column

I have a data table where columns A and B (amongst other columns in the set) look like

A    B

5   8

5   4

6  7

7  8

7   10

7   4

8  1.5

8  3

8  12


I want to filter the table so that I only have rows where the value of B is the lowest seen for that value of A.  In other words my result for that set should be

A   B

5  4

6  7

7  8

8   1.5


Is there a way to do this in KNIME?  I can easily sort the table but that doesn't get me the lowest value.


Surely you can do this in KNIME. Just connect your table to a GroupBy node. Configure it like this: Take Column A as "Group Column" and Column B as "Aggregation Column" (in the second tab of the configuration window). Then choose "Minimum" as Aggregation Method.