Find the path to Desktop

I have developed a knime workflow where i am picking up file on the local desktop

The knime workflow i have sent to my colleague to use. but the workflow fails as it isnt able to find out the path.

How can I ensure that system picksup the path of desktop as per user.

E.g. is user is MDon the n it should pick up C:\Users\MDon\Desktop\

Perhaps try using ~/Desktop/ ?

you can use the node “Extract System Properties” and the JavaSnippet Row Filter with “return $$ROWID$$.equals(“user.home”);”
Now you only have to extend the string with “\Desktop”



Hi @jajumanoj!

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You can use relative paths in this case. Create a folder in your workspace (e.g. data) where you will place your file and then using relative path you get flexibility whether you change location of your workflow or you share your workflow with your colleague (in this case you will also share a file with him). If your colleague already has a file he/she just need to place file in data folder. If you check example workflows from EXAMPLE server you will see this approach.

Take a look at this tutorial on absolute and relative path types in KNIME:


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