Finding matches

Hi, another new to Knime here. Could anyone help me a bit closer to solution with the following problem.

Table 1 with one column: List of names (long list)

Table 2 with one column: Another list of names (shorter list)

With what nodes I could end up having Table 3 with all the matched names? To make it trickier - I'd need a way to find partial matches as well based on row values (names) in Table 1.

Thank you in advance,


Reference row filter would allow you to filter a column in table 1 by a column in table 2. 

You could do a join on columns in table 1 and table 2 that give a variety of options for creating a new table by matching, inner join would give you only those that match. 

For you second bit, what do you consider to be a partial match? 





Need for partial match would be matching double-barreled names like: Mary-Jane , Anna-Maria . The problem is that my reference list (the big name list) does not have these.

Eventually I'll be using the match to detect whether it's a man's or woman's name.


if you need more sophisticated matching have a look at the Indexing and Searching extension. It also comes with an example flow for fuzzy address matching.