Finding the Addition/Deletion comparing rows

Please help the new user,
I’m trying to find out the difference of addition of new options / deletion of options from the table.
Table.1 Represents the data of User ID , their designation and their roles.
According to designation Roles are represented.
Table .2 Represents data User ID, according to
KNIME.xlsx (14.8 KB)
user ID the Designations are given and Roles(numbers of roles assigned) are presented. Roles are detailed shows in Table 1.
Table.3 I want the output in table 3 format, In the Table 3 I want to get solution of, the difference of Role ID with each User ID(some users are same designations but assigned with additional or deletion or mismatched Role ID. I want to get the Difference/ Addition / Deletion/ Other.
I’m sharing the Excel sheet of it and Kindly hoping for the solution ASAP with workflow.


HI @Ajay07 and welcome to the Knime Community.

You probably need the Joiner node.

If you are familiar with DB Joins, it pretty much works the same way. If you are not, then you can read the descriptions in the nodes about the Left and Right joins.

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