finding the average of the last maximum 20 values

i want to get the average temperature for thelast 20 years and compare it or find the dfference of that average with another column in another table (csv file)

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It’s unclear to me what you’re actually asking for.

In the title you say “finding the average of the last maximum 20 values.” What does that mean?

i want to get the average of the last 20 years and put in a single variabe

What does “the last 20 years” mean? What do you mean by “put in a single variable?”

If you’d like to to calculate a moving average of the values in the avg_temp column, with a window size of 20 rows, and display them in a new column, then the Moving Average node will work.

i wanna find the average temperature column three for the last 20 years ( so basically the sum of the last 20 values of the avg_temp/ 20 but always the maxmium 20 values for the year column.

Do a Groupby (Groupby node) of year with maximum value. Sort the data by year and limit to only top 20 results (Top K Selector node). Add a Constant Value Column node (append, not replace in the settings). Do another groupby on the constant value to get the average (mean).

I would use the Moving Aggregation node for this.

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i will give it a shot and tell you the feedback

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