First edit numbers and filter numbers

I have an Excel file that has a lot of phone numbers that are not the same (for example, some start with 09 or 0098 or 98 or …) and there are some numbers that are few and I I do not need them (for example, it has 6 characters)
These numbers are so many that they can not be edited manually!
My needs include the following two issues:
1- With which extensions can I edit these quickly and all of them change in the same way (for example, all of them start with 09)? Change it to 09
2- Automatically count the number of characters and numbers below 7 characters and do not show me and filter it

can you please post a couple of examples of the different numbers you have ? For example a print of an excel file with examples of the original number and what should be the corrected number. Just a couple of lines so we can understand better.

In your first requirement you said that you need “all of them start with 09)? Change it to 09”, isn’t the same result ?

Please post examples so we can help you.

Hi @alex1368,

I´m not really sure if I understood the requirments, but I tried something.
Please have a look and tell us if it helps. Also a example file would be great.

Best regards,


Hello eamendola
Thank you for your attention!!! In my opinion, this was the best suggestion to better understand this issue !!!
I uploaded an Excel file
Example.xlsx (11.8 KB)

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