First edit numbers and filter numbers

I have an Excel file that has a lot of phone numbers that are not the same (for example, some start with 09 or 0098 or 98 or …) and there are some numbers that are few and I I do not need them (for example, it has 6 characters)
These numbers are so many that they can not be edited manually!
My needs include the following two issues:
1- With which extensions can I edit these quickly and all of them change in the same way (for example, all of them start with 09)? Change it to 09
2- Automatically count the number of characters and numbers below 7 characters and do not show me and filter it
Example.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Hi @alex1368 , you can use the node String Manipulation. Within the node:
1- you can use the padLeft() function to add the prefix “0”
2- you can extract a sub string with specific length using the substr() function, of you can also use the length() function to get the length of the string if you need the length.

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