First KNIME Data App - No option to run or deploy

Hello all

I am following this tutorial on how to create my first data app. I am stuck at step 3/7: I uploaded the workflow to my private space and can see it there. However, I do not have the “run” button or the “deploy” button. I was able to create a version, but that didn’t change anything…
What am I doing wring here?

@Cal_Steffen you will need the KNIME business hub to actually run the apps.

You can use the function locally by opening the data apps

Thanks for the answer and the helpful link.
“Opening the data apps” is the basic move that I cannot figure out here. I built the component, have my widgets configured and designed the layout. But I can’t get into the mode where I actually see it in action. I thought running the data apps was that I HAVE to upload it and then run it in my space.
What am I not seeing? All the articles that I read talk about the actual visualization of my component happens in the Data App and that this will require upload. I’d be more than happy to run it locally if I knew how.


The magnifying glass at the component :man_facepalming: - Steffen just needed to click the magnifying glass on the component and that is all there was to it…
I vote that this gets added to the (absolute) beginners guide.

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@Cal_Steffen glad you figured it out. Just for context. In the first screenshot of the article under the description of the component it says: Interactive View (right click). :blush:

I don’t think it is intuitive enough for the platform to just use “components” as a catch all. There are 2 very different component structures: One with workflow functions where you the user would primarily want to access the config window for adjustments, and the other is interactive based components where users would almost always be looking to easily access the interactive view of a component for adjustments and use.

I personally think we should have another component classification called something like “visualization” that opens to interactive view by default on a double click. It would make workflow handoff and use much more intuitive and less confusing / clunky. The separation would also help with ID of visualizations when sharing workflows / data apps with new users in the new hub teams, or interaction only end users.


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