Fixed Configuration of Column Combiner Node

I am using the Column Combiner Node in several workflows and always sooner or later I observe the same annoyance:

Once I add a new column into my tables, automatically all subsequent column combiner nodes add this column to their included columns. In 99% of cases this is not desired.

so my question: is there a way to have a fixed configuration of the column combiner node, such that it only uses the column which have been explicitly configured.



Hi Matthias,

you need to select Enforce inclusion, below the Include list. This will enforce the inclusion of exactly those and only those columns selected in the include list.

Hence columns not in the include list will be set to the exclude list.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,


thanks a lot, indeed.

I had thought I once tried that without effect, but probably I had not saved but closed.

anyway works.




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