"Fixed delimited file" text file has different column length

Hi everyone, I am trying to export a Fixed Delimited File into a txt file, but when file is exported the length is different from the specification.

In the following image I show the length before and after the file was exported

I used this forum response to create the file.

Thank you

Create a Fixed Delimited File.knwf (26.5 KB)
Fixed Delimited File.txt (15.5 KB)

The problem is the way you’ve configured the CSV Writer node.

You’ve chosen to use a comma as a delimiter:

But then you’ve chosen to replace the delimiter (i.e. all commas) with nothing:

It’s clear when you look at the actual data, which is something you should always be doing.

Row 1 before CSV Writer:

Row 1 after CSV Writer:

All the commas are gone, which of course changes the lengths.


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