Fixed Width File Reader not remember column configuration


I am using KNIME 4.5.2. I am trying to do reading all fixed width files from a directory.

The workflow is:
List Files/Folders → Table Row To Variable Loop Start → Path to String (Variable) → String Manipulation (Variable) (to add file:/ at the beginning or file path) → Fixed Width File Reader

After config the columns, the Fixed Width File Reader can read file content correctly. However, when I try to config the Fixed Width File Reader again, the column configuration is cleared. I have to reconfig the column from the start everytime I want to change it. This problem does not occur if I use the Fixed Width File Reader to read only a single file.

Please guide me how to save the column configuration when using Fixed Width File Reader with variable path.

Thank you

Hi @dokibi and welcome to the KNIME Community Forum,

I was able to reproduce the issue and created a bug ticket so our developers can look into it. Thanks a lot for reporting the bug.

Can you give a little bit more information about the structure of the file? Maybe it is also possible to read your files with another reader node as a workaround until the bug is fixed.


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Hi Kathrin,

Thank you for your support. My current solution is using KNIME version 4.2.1. I have tested with version 4.4.4 but the problem still occurs.

Thank you

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