flattening in Create Collection Column

It would be nice if the Create Collection Column node would allow combining a collection column and a normal column without creating a mixed (collection and normal type) collection column. Maybe this is already possible?

Thanks, gabor

Splitting the collection in independent columns and then collapsing then together with the normal column into a new collection, is not an option? You can also use the Java Snippet node to do it in one step.

Yeah, I guess this might be an option if you know in advance how many columns will be created (and/or you do not have to work with multiple collection instances). But if you want to do this kind of thing in a loop, that might be really hard to follow/explain, while a checkbox in Create Collection Column would be a lot easier solution.

The Java Snippet option is a good one. (It is a bit complicated when you iterate over these columns, but definately doable.) Thanks for the tip.

A slightly related note: I think -for list type collections- the order of columns could be specifiable. (I know this can be done with Column Resorter, and this would make the configuration panel more complex, so maybe this one is not so good idea.)