flow creation

Hi guys,

I've been using KNIME for couple of days now so I'm still a rookie.

My idea is as follows - I'd like to create a flow using the classification trees to analyse clients' churn.

1. All the data is in xls file and the outcome is produced by XLS Writer. Say, I need to check someone's inclination to churn. I put new data in xls file and I'd like to get my feedback in the second xls file (created by Writer). Do I have to access KNIME and refresh entire flow every time manually or is there a way to go about it? (data is inserted and the outcome based on it appears in the second xls sheet manually with no need to re-execute)

2. Is it a good idea to divide clients' population into clusters and then divide it again using regression trees? Is the outcome understandable ?

3. (WEKA) What is the proper output for a random forest node? I've checked literally everything.

Thank you very much. Hopefully everything becomes clearer with time !

I can't suggest much on the topic of choosing particular techniques for your data, other than to experiment and see what works best.  

Regarding your workflows, they will need to be run manually unless you set something up using either the batch executor, or scheduled execution which is available as part of our commercial offerings.