Flow variable between two cusom nodes



I have two custom node and I want to use a flow variable from the first node to be an input to the second node. I executed the first node and I can see the result (as string) of this node. I tried to configure this node from the configuration dialog but was no possibility to add this result as flow variable so it can be used as input to the second node.

To simplify this task, I used the "File Upload" node to read the flow variable in my cuom node and it works fine: I could achieve this by:

- In the second cusom node in the model class I configured  the port input and output to be one incoming port and one outgoing port. 

- I looped through all received flow variables from the "File Upload" using: 

final Map<String, FlowVariable> variables =  getAvailableFlowVariables();
         for (final FlowVariable entry : variables.values()) { 

                   String flowVar = entry.getStringValue(); 


How I can make this possible between my two cusom node?

 I could solve it using „Table Column Variable“ and


final Map<String, FlowVariable> variables = getAvailableFlowVariables();

for (final FlowVariable entry : variables.values()) {

String flowVar = entry.getStringValue();


I will update my post.


Best regards,

Farag Saad

Hi Farag,

is this inside the java snippet or in a self developed node?

For the later, I would always push flow variables in configure and in execute, than they are available in the next node.

Best, Iris 

Hi Iris,

It is inside a self developed node.  


>> I would always push flow variables in configure and in execute

Could you give hint how this will be achieved? 

Thanks for your hint. It work fine now