Flow Variable doesn't work and always change back to "currentIteration"


I’ve been using the same loop-to-read workflow for reading a list of files in a folder. Just don’t understand why it doesn’t work after I change the Excel reader to File Reader.


I followed the (https://www.knime.com/nodeguide/control-structures/loops/example-for-reading-a-list-of-files ) example (without the Java Edit Variable node) but can’t change the flow variable in the File Reader to URL at “DataURL” in the “Flow Variables” tab. It said “Invalid settings: File analysis currently running. Please wait for it to finish, check the settings, and click OK or Apply again”.

If I don’t change the flow variable in this File Reader node, it’ll be defaulted to “currentIteration” which makes the workflow to run 2 times of the 1st file (the file that I selected) in the folder.

Do I need to create another flow variable for the File Reader node? Sorry… I am so confused. Appreciate any help on this.

Thank you!

Hi Xenia,
generally it is better to use the CSV Reader in a loop, because that does not require the analyzing step the File Reader has during configuration. If that is not possible for you, you should first give the File Reader one example file, configure it with that and then set the flow variable.
Kind regards


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