Flow Variable Loop Feedback

How do I get the last value of a Flow Variable to feedback in a loop so it is available for processing the next row?

I am processing a table of data. I need a Flow Variable calculated from the last row to be available in the next row. I've been trying regular loops and recursive loops but the Flow Variable never seems to loop back.

Apologies - I suspect this is an old question but after hours of searching I just can't find the answer.

Hello Edlueze,

The Recursive Loop is what you are looking for. You can use the Variable to Table Row node to convert your variables into a table, than feed them into the second Input Port of the Recursive Loop End. To get it back to a variable in the beginning of your loop use a Table Row to Variable node.


Here is a demo, we gave at the UGM2014, when we first released the recursive looping nodes.



Best, Iris