Flow Variables in Wrapped Meta Node Lost

Hello again :smile:,

I tried today to wrap some nodes into a wrapped meta node. This Meta Node has a Flow Variable input. But these Variables are gone inside the node. I cannot access them using any embedded nodes.

For conveinience I append a workflow creating two Variables and a Meta Node having only a flow variables port. Inside the node you will not be able to see the variables.

flow.knwf (17.3 KB)

Hi @mereep -

By default, flow variables within a wrapped metanode have local scope. If you want to pass them in, you need to configure the WrappedNode Input node inside the wrapped metanode. See screenshot below.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks I didn’t know that I have to configure that input element.

May I ask if there is any difference between that method and conecting the flow variable on the head of the outer node like:


In this case, since it involves a wrapped metanode, you need to do both.