flow variables used in too many places

I have a flow variable used in over 30 places. I have to draw red line from the flow variable to all the places. It make the workflow very messy. Is there a way to put the flow variable in some global place and every node can use it?

Once a flow variable is introduced, all subsequent nodes automatically inherit that value so it should not be required to drag it 30 times but it depends on your workflow and if the value of the flow variable progresses over time.


Thanks. That make my workflow a little less messy. However not all other nodes which use the flow variable are down stream of the node where the flow variable is defined.
I am thinking add a common ancestor node for all the nodes using the flow variable and only need to drag the line to that node once. Not sure if it is a good practice.

Hi @knimeavnst , how to connect or when/where’s the best place to connect your flow variables to your nodes will depend on:
1- How your workflow is structured
2- When is the workflow needed

So, it’s hard to pinpoint this without at least seeing your workflow.

In some cases, can connect some nodes to make them become downstream, in other cases where you can’t do this, then you might need to connect the flow variables again. But at least, you don’t need to do this 30 times.

If you can show us your workflow, we can certainly advise you.

We just need to kindly ask the great KNIME team to introduce “wireless” flow variable connections in KNIME as well


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