Flow variables

I'm running KNIME V2.2.2, and I would like to use the flow variables. I don't see flow variables anywhere. I have the -Dknime.expert.mode=true under the eclipse.vmargs=-Xmx512m setting on the About KNIME>Configuration Details page (I added it to KNIME.ini). What do I have to do to access the flow variables? My intention is to use the reporting function. Also, I do not have the Workflow Variables selection under the File menu. Again, how do I activate this option?

Then it should work. I have this in "About KNIME":


Just to confirm: You don't see the "Loop Support" category in the node repository. And you also don't have the "Workflow Variables.." menu item when right-clicking any project?

One more "test": Read any data, attach a java snippet and append a new column in that node, whereby the expression is:

boolean isExpert = Boolean.getBoolean("knime.expert.mode");
return Boolean.toString(isExpert);

The content of the new column must be "true".

This must be something trivial, typo or so.


Thanks Bernd. I have all of the pieces I need. Is the set up and use of flow variables described somewhere? I'm not clear as to how to set them up and use them in a workflow. -Norm

There is a dedicated category on the example server. It has some workflows showing how things work.