FlowVariableObjectPort variable access

As far as I could find out for now, variables may only be accessed in a generic way by calling "getAvailableFlowVariables()" on the NodeModel superclass which delivers a map of all variables connected to the node.

In my use case, the input port of type FlowVariableObjectPort is meant to connect a variable for a special purpose. I just want the user to connect a variable (String) to the port, which later serves as a path. I do not know the name of the variable, neither do I want the user to follow a specified name (only the value matters). The FlowVariableObjectPort itself seems to be just a connection markup.

So how can I access the very variable from the input port (not knowing the name)?


This is not possible. You must know the name, because usually there are quite a few variables coming from the predecessors. Therefore the user should select the correct variable name in the dialog and it should be saved in the node's settings. Guessing the variable will very likely lead to wrong behaviour.

Well, at least it works as I expected it. So I can now continue searching another way. Thank you.