folders to organize workflows


Is there a way to create folders to organize workflows and have them show up in the Workflow Project View?



The new workflow manager will allow for this to be possible. Very likely the ability to have project folders will already be realized in v2.0 (coming out in 2008).

- Michael

There is a further issue here - one which constantly irritates small scale windows users or any-one who prefers to use selective backups. Data folders and program folders need to be in separate trees to allow easier backup. Under Linux I was surprized that I couldn't install the software in root space and have my workflows stored in some specified folder under /home/username ...

Will this also be addressed in 2.0?

I am not sure I understand that problem - can you be more specific?
You can change the location KNIME uses for its temporary files in the preferences tab - could that be the problem?

- Michael

The workflows are stored under the workspace folder which itself is in the software installation path. Users who create workflows obviously need write access to the workspace folder. System adminstrators might expect to be able to install the software in /etc (Linux) or program files (Windows) or some other folder tree to which users do not have write access. Obviously is possible to provide users with write access to selected folders (if you know which are required) but when this conflicts with backup procedures or user write access policies to system media etc then its an issue.

(I am aware that there are numerous software products - including some from microsoft - which ignore the expectation to have programs and data in different directory trees with appropriate permissions).

Ah, now I get it!
You can change the location of where your projects are located under "File->Switch Workspace". You can then point this to a directory you own. When you start KNIME you can pass "-data " as an argument and inform it where to find your own workspace.

- Michael

PS: We try to avoid copying everything from Microsoft ;-)

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