Font size contextual menus / dialog boxes - QHD Display 3200 x 1800

Hi Knimerz

I'm running knime3 under Linux with a hi-dpi display. Java applications are sometimes issues in terms of font scaling under such resolutions (3200 x 1800), resulting in way too small font size.

The knime interface scales up fonts perfectly, just like eclipse. However, font size in context menus / dialog boxes is nearly unreadable, due to the fact that they don't scale up and are presented in a very small font size. (See attached screenshot).

Is there a way to work around this? Any suggestions highly welcome.

Thanks, M.


Unfortunately this is a shortcoming of Java. Java doesn't support HiDPI at all and Eclipse has some very rudimentary support which is why the some parts of the KNIME GUI look OK. Under Windows and Mac you can tell the OS to simply scale the whole GUI by a certain factor, however I don't know of anything similar for Linux yet. So unfortunately, no, for Linux there is no solution for this problem.


Is there any news on that topic? Using Knime on Linux on a HiDPI screen it really tiring for the eyes, as many fonts and symbols are really tiny.

Font rendering is great in all UI elements that use GTK (I suppose). Also rendering of the main canvas elements seems ok (except fonts).

There are still an number of issues, though:

  • tiny fonts in browser views, like Node Descriptions
  • tiny fonts in non-GTK, Java style dialogs (node configure, node output dialogs)
  • too big font in main canvas (if you open an imported flow the labels are too big and overlap)
  • tiny icons, e.g toolbars, help viewer
  • default sizes in GTK based dialogs are too small. have to resize everytime…like Preferences.
  • outline view does strange things on some zoom levels, esp. for larger flows (might be related, not sure, though)

Maybe it would be an option to allow configuration of the problematic fonts (i.e. Java style dialogs, browser views, node labels in workflow canvas)? That would fix at least the pain points.

That being said, it seems nowadays also Java itself supports scaling, see Did not have any impact for me with Knime, though.



Is there any solution to this problem by now ? its really hard to deal with such a small font.
Please reply asap.

please let me know if there is any solution to this problem by now…?