Force external tool to opern Dos window for execution of .bat-file

Dear KNIME users,

I am using the external tool node to run a .bat executable file. The file is processed correctly when called from the KNIME external tool node but it is executed invisible in the background. In contrast, if I execute the .bat-file directly - i.e. not from KNIME - a DOS window is opened and I can see the progression of the script.

I could partially solve the issue by inserting "start cmd /k " at the beginning of the .bat file. However, now the external tool indicates to early that the .bat-file has been finished and ececuted succesfully, i.e. long before it has been processed and right after it has been started.

Does anyone has an idea how the external tool node can be configured so that a cmd-DOS window is not executed invisible (this would be quite helpful in order to indicate the progress of the external application).

Thanks in advance for help.


In case you are using the non-Labs External Tool node, its output can be checked during execution with its views (error and standard output separately).

Great! That gives indeed exactly the output of the DOS window and allows to monitor the progress. ...I assume that there is a reason why the cmd window is not opened but the output is send to the tool output view?

Thanks for the very fast help.