Forcing a reset/reload of an input to a component

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The values of a certain categorical variable are missing for some rows in my data. By looking at the wider table, an expert user can easily tell what the value should be, but it is not feasible to construct rules to populate the missing values.

As the input data is refreshed regularly there can also be new types of rows having the variable missing in forthcoming submissions of data. Due to this dynamic aspect I don’t want just simply create a mapping table that contains the replacement values, but enable the user to identify new missing values, manually enter the replacements and manage those over time.

For this purpose I have created a component that feeds in the incoming data, joins it with an Excel sheet that contains my current replacements to the missing values, a Table Editor node in which values can be entered and modified, and an Excel Writer which saves the latest modifications.

Now the challenge is that the Excel Reader node does not automatically refresh when new data has been saved, which for couple of times has led me to lose the just freshly entered data as it got replaced by the previous values that were still cached in the Excel Reader node.

I think my problem is not dissimilar to labelling data in an active learning or a similar setup.

What would be a good way to implement this procedure?


you can add a “dummy” flow variable connection to the Excel Reader so that it is always reset when the workflow is reexecuted. You can show the flow variable ports of the Excel Reader with Right-Click -> Show Flow Variable Ports.
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Thank you @AlexanderFillbrunn!

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