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I just started using the Continental nodes.I want to append a worksheet and then apply formatting to that specific worksheet in the workbook. From what I can tell the XLS Formatter (apply) node does not let me target formatting to a specific worksheet which I find surprising.

I think that I might need to just configure something to get it to overwrite the formatting on my desired worksheet.

Does anyone have experience with this? I really appreciate the assistance!

In the example below, the Excel Sheet Appender works. But the XLS Formatter (apply) node applies the formatting to the default (1st) sheet of the workbook. Is this impacted by variables somehow?

Hi there @TardisPilot!

I have just checked it and it seems it does only applies formatting to the first sheet and that you can not control it by flow variables.

Maybe someone from @Continental_KNIME_Extension_Developer can give more information.


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Dear @TardisPilot and @ipazin,

You are right, in the current 0.8 version of our extension, formatting is applied to the default sheet only. Flow variable control is solely available for the fields exposed to the user interface.

Selecting specific sheets by name is on our development roadmap and will most probably be available in a future version of the extension. Please note however, that adding more styles to pre-formatted XLSX workbooks imposes the risk of exceeding the XLSX specification’s maximum style count limit and could hence be disallowed.

Best regards!



Thank you for the clarification and welcome to the community! The nodes are fantastic and I do appreciate their availability!

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