formating multiple excel sheets in one file

Hi all!

I have a new challenge! hope you can help me :slight_smile:

I have a file with multiple tabs (around 7) and each tab has a format (in the example two tabs)
in each tab I am going to have information from some ee, and I need to split this information in different folders
the split has to be done by region- country- company code-
The split is easy :slight_smile:
But!! I need to maintain the format of the original sheets! and I cannot find a way to to this

If I use the excel to template note- I can only apply this to one tab
If I use the formatting excel nodes: I need to remove from all the templates the special characters like

And I have some fields where I need the comas or the & as they are part of the provided information and I need to keep them in the templates for future actions- so using the formatting excel nodes Is a good option to apply format to all the tabs but it means to modify the information in the file… so …not an option

I read something about using a sheet appender node, but it seems that this node is not working now (deprecated)

So…see attached what I have created, this is not working very well, as I cannot save the formatted file at the same time I am doing the split, so probably I need to do one worflow to split the file and another one to apply the format

The issue here is that in the example I only have one file with two tabs and only these regions and country codes:

But in the original file, I am going to have more: (around 101 lines in total)- so applying the format one by one, is not an option.

I was trying to solve this for a long time, and now our option is use a macro…

Any new idea about how to apply format to different excel sheets in a file, without modifying the content?

Thank you all! and thank you for participate in this challenge!

Knime Tests.knwf (120.7 KB)

Hallo @Mariaper,

we have a workflow snippet that applies a format to different excel sheets (without modifying the content). Please have a look at it here. Let me know if this is helpful or if you have further questions.

Kind regards,


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