Formatting a table from a list

Hi, Could you give me an advice on how to format a two dimensional table based on values for a row and column? For example:

Row Column Value
1 1 a
2 1 b
3 1 c
… … …
16 24 abcd

Required output

a d f … …
b e g … …
c … … … …
… … … … abcd

Thank you.

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Hi @borisbr,

based on the sparse input information i suggest to use the pivoting node with Row as Group column,
Column as Pivot columns and Value (aggregation: first) in Manual Aggregation.



Thank you morpheus.

You are right, a bit elaboration would definitely help. An analytical instrument generates an output file where data are presented as a list of several columns. Among those outputs, there are values for a row, a column, and a derived analytical measurement. The output is generated as a list, not necessarily sorted.

To streamline data analytics, we need to generate two-dimensional matrices of data. Rows and columns of each matrix are defined as values. Therefore, we need to use these values for rows and columns as indices to generate a new two-dimensional table. Following your advice for using a pivoting node where groups columns are rows, pivots are columns, and manual aggregation indicates the measurement the result creates the desired table.

Thank you again.

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