Formula calculation

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I am having two inputs one is the data sheet and other is the formula sheet.
Inside the formula sheet ,I Can have formula like A+B+C or A-B-C,Please refer the attached sheet.
Individual value of A,B,C are available in data sheet.I need a generic solution(Not limited to these 5 formula) to decode any kind of formula having the basic four arithmetic operators*(±*/).*It would be really helpful for me.Final Output is also attached.
DATA_SHEET.xlsx (9.7 KB) FORMULA_SHEET.xlsx (8.8 KB)FINAL_OUTPUT.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Updating the FORMULA and FINAL_OUTPUT sheet with minor change

FINAL_OUTPUT.xlsx (8.7 KB) FORMULA_SHEET.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Is it not possible in knime??

@ipazin kindly assist me on this??

Hi @sahil786,

don’t have Office yet (have new OS) so can’t open Excel files. Hope some will check it and help you :wink:


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Hi @iris ,pls help me to accomplish this task…

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