Formula for empty fields

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please have a look at my screenshot:

1.) I would like to enter formula that only applies to cells in column “B” which are empty
2.) if a cell in column B is empty, the formula should check if the value in column A in the same row, exists somewhere else in column A and put then the value of column B in the original cell.

So. e.g. in the Screenshot the 4 empty cells should be filled with the same value as B1, since they have they all have the same value in column A.

Also not sure with which node that will work, probably “column expression”?

Hope anyone could help me with that task.

Thank you in advance!

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question_knime.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Hi @RapplK

See this workflow
formula empty field.knwf (26.6 KB). There are 2 solutions. The first one use the Missing Value node. But that can be a little bit tricky if you have “zuordnung” without any corresponding Projekt. The second solution is to create a kind of lookup table for every “zuordnung” and “projekt” combination.
Schermafdruk van 2022-04-14 14-29-27
gr. Hans


Thank you a lot Hans :slight_smile:


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