Forum becoming unuseable

For me,

There are now so many junk posts, and junk replies that I find the forum completely unuseable.

I donot have time to keep wading through posts with new replies only to find the reply is some junk mail.

Can anything be done about this, its really off-putting to use.



Hi Simon,

you are right. Spam posts have been increasing lately. So far we have been using Drupal's CAPTCHA module to make registrations for spam bots harder. I just replaced the standard text or image based captcha with the recaptcha module which is supposed to provide a better protection.

Let's see if it helps...


A quick update: As the repcaptcha module did not improve the situation very much, I'm now giving a new captcha service a chance that generates textual CAPTCHAs based on simple logic questions.

An example is: Shark, rice, school, brown, snake or shark: the colour is?

Let's see if this works better...

I don't think the spam is generated by spambots. It looks more like human spammers, so more sophisticated captchas may not help. But let's give it a try.

As the spam problem only got slightly better, I just activated a spam module based on a trainable Bayesian filter that is supposed to reject spam posts. We have to see how reliable it works. Please let me know if it causes any problems for regular posts and comments.