Forum: Suggest open vs. closed topics - Increase interaction


on many occasions when replying to topics the section at the bottom which suggests similar topics, suggest closed ones.

Whilst it help discovering similar conversation it not necessarily helps finding similar topics with a potential solutions or still open topics to reply to.

The „topic suggest“ section I‘d like to suggest to tweak in such a fashion to provide different sections such as:

  1. Solution Section: Similar topics with replies marked as solution
  2. Interaction Section: Similar topics still open sorted desc by count of liked replies
  3. Current section as is

If the first and second do not yield results, these could easily be hidden via CSS if the forum software is rather restrictive.


Hi @mwiegand -

First of all, thanks for the feedback.

I went ahead and turned off the suggested topics since to me it was more clutter than useful. Also, we already have similar (if not identical) functionality on the welcome page in the forum of both Latest Topics and Popular Topics.

We do have a few options to control the suggested topics that now appear on each page (how many, how old, restrict to same category) but not anything as helpful as what you have come up with here, unfortunately.

We’ll discuss internally and see if it makes sense to enable them in a more focused way. :slight_smile:

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I liked the additional suggested topics and also the buttons allowing you to jump to the “latest” topics (I still would like to see that button on the top page). Currently after having checked a thread I revert to my bookmarks and klick the (well) “latest” button. This might be due to the fact that I check quite a few items on the forum.

So I miss the suggestions and additional links on to bottom of each thread.

Hi @mlauber71,

that’s why I suggested some alternatives as well whihc, at least upon first thought, would provide a better alternative compared to already close topics which often had no solution or barely any comments from which infomration could be derived from.

The button to jump to the latest topic wasn’t something I thought be realted to “related topics”. But I agree, that clearly is a valuable feature i recall having used once a while but haven’t noticed since quite some time (maybe since the forum update?).


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