FP-Growth cannot work

Hi all,

Iam using association rules .

I want to use FP-growth, but it doesn't work, instead Aprioir works

I want to know the reason of this, why FP-growth doesn't work? (it gives me "red X" after executing the node)

Hi singing bird, 

I suppose you're using an Item Set Finder (Borgelt) node. Could you please provide your workflow with a data snippet you're using? I do not have any problem with the node on my data.


Best regards


Attached is my workflow 

You are right,I am using Item Set Finder (Borgelt) node

My data set is 396 rows 

when the fp-growth is used on my data set (396 rows) with minimum support 3 or more  it gives result, but if it is used with minimum support 2 it doesn't work instead, apriori gives result. 

I don't know the reason of this problem

please tell me why fp-growth cannot work with small minimum support value

Note: I tried the fp-growth with 6 GB ram and 8 GB ram error appears and the node cannot work


any help please