Fraud_Detection_Model_Training missing creditcard.csv file

Hi there,

I am trying to use the workflow example: knime://EXAMPLES/50_Applications/39_Fraud_Detection/Fraud_Detection_Model_Training

However, the required file creditcard.csv doesn’t exist:
WARN File Reader 0:1 Can’t access ‘knime://knime.workflow/data/creditcard.csv’. (/tmp/knime_temp_space_akocic_65569/Fraud_Detection_Model_Training65570/Fraud_Detection_Model_Training/data/creditcard.csv (No such file or directory))

Please advise.


if you download the whole workflow/folder it will have a subfolder named “data” where you will find the file.

Hi @lkocic -

As @mlauber71 mentioned, I double checked and the creditcard.csv file is indeed included in the /data subfolder of the workflow. However, it is 150 MB uncompressed. Possibly you downloaded the workflow structure, but didn’t finish downloading the CSV file?

I’d try downloading the entire workflow from the EXAMPLES server again, and make sure to save it to your local workspace before executing.

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Thank you all for the prompt replies. After downloading the example workflows I found the file.

However, I am still puzzled with what went wrong. When I try to open Fraud_Detection_Model_Training workflow from the explorer, it takes some time before it produces the error. Is there some sort of a timeout or something else that prevents it to finish the download?


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Sorry that you’re having trouble. This is just a guess, but are you behind a proxy? Sometimes that can cause issues when downloading workflows from the EXAMPLES server.

Apparently, the workflow is configured to use “data” folder for the files; however, when opening the example, the files are downloaded in the “Data” folder.

The workflow tries to open the file:
WARN File Reader 0:1 Can’t access ‘knime://knime.workflow/data/creditcard.csv’. (/tmp/knime_temp_space_akocic_20618/Fraud_Detection_Model_Training20623/Fraud_Detection_Model_Training/data/creditcard.csv (No such file or directory))

The real path is:

Perhaps someone can take a look at it.


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That’s a good catch. I will make sure the workflow gets fixed - thanks for pointing out the mistake. :slight_smile:

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