Frequency Filter node makes incorrect filter by Number


Node Frequency Filter makes incorrect filter by the Number field. As I understand, if Number field equals K then it should return no more than K records with maximum value of selected frequnecy field. For example, if Number field equals 2 then no more than 2 records sjould be returned. But it returns huge amount of records. May be logic of this option is different. Then please explain it.

You can select either a number K of terms to be filtered, check the radio button “Number of terms” therefor, than the K terms with the highest value of the selected “Filter column” are taken, or you can specify a threshold. When you specify a threshold, all terms that fulfill this threshold condition are filtered. When you select “Threshold filtering” the number K has no effect and vice versa. It is possible to filter a certain amount of terms with the “Number of terms” setting or terms with a value that fulfill the threshold condition.
Hope i could help You.

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