friendly UI tricks for re-mapping column names?

I pushed out an update to the public Header Re-Map component that includes interactive settings options for appending all unassigned new columns, and sorting the new column names to the incoming list order (keeping the old field names that have not been re-mapped yet in front). All of the drop downs also re-execute automatically now when changed so the update button is only needed to apply / save name changes. If you have the Node Monitor view open, then you can see the changes being applied in real time for immediate feedback.

It is a solid header re-mapping solution for my needs now. Hopefully others find it useful as well.

Just one word … wild.

Do you happen to have some sample data to test your solution? I am quite interested into that and would like to aid you adding some structure, documentation and eventually improvements. Just in case you’d welcome it. If not, please don’t mind.


There is sample data to test it in the companion workflow on the hub. You use that, disconnect the component, and then open it to see it populated with data.

I will see if I can get sample data back into the shared component itself without causing issues later today. Never tried to save over an existing component on the public hub, but I will give it a shot. It would make it much easier to improve / edit on my end as well.

I plan to clean it up and add comments to explain the approach eventually, but too behind in work at this point. It is certainly a wild approach that essentially comes down to the creation / read / write of log files and the refresh node to control execution on the fly.

You may want to hold off a bit though. I will try to incorporate a new approach to the domain sorting issue today.

I had to delete and re-upload my shared component and workflow due to some strange hub issues. The component now has dummy data in it which makes it infinitely easier to edit.

I recently realized that this general approach to building user friendly tools for data manipulation also holds the potential for me to build front end app style interfaces for end users to write back changes to the underlying data directly in KNIME AP / KNIME Server.


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